| seeing, holding, smelling, tasting


This chapter mostly focuses on food and food related objects through the analysis of the similarities and influences of Portuguese and Japanese Cuisine.  Not only the core ingredients of the two different cuisines and a collection of traditional recipes of different dishes cooked with those ingredients, but also the specific dishes that were brought over from Portugal to Japan during the 16th century by Portuguese merchants that got settled in Nagasaki. To prepare the different dishes listed throughout the chapter, specific utensils are required and those might not be interchangeable from one culture and way of cooking to the other.

i* Detail view> arrival of a Portuguese ship 1620-1640 (six panel folding screen)

| seeing, holding, smelling, tasting will take us through a journey about food and how to prepare it, in Portugal and in Japan.

|| ingredients & recipes ||

|| parallel dishes ||

|| utensils ||

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