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People, form and food are the three main topics that will inform the shape of [Table for 100’s].

i* Dining at home > illustration, Yokohama

This chapter mostly focuses on personal & collective experiences, on the social component of the project. Through research on parallel scenarios between Portugal and Japan, we will be able to start drafting the narrative that will take us on a journey through [Table for 100’s]. This journey will inform those who will be seating, eating, drinking, laughing, chatting, listening, reading, contemplating, having a good time, meeting new people, waiting, meeting old friends, relatives, smiling… … why the table has a certain layout, and not a different one. The visitor, the participant, the designers, should be able to experience different environments/atmospheres as they move from one seat to the next, as they travel through the table.

All this will only be possible once we have observed and registered the over layering of information between the two cultures following the topics below:

|| meal times & flavours ||

|| who we dine with ||

|| atmosphere/procedures/rituals ||

|| historical parallel ||

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