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[Table for 100’s], commissioned by Konya 2023 in Fukuoka (福岡), Japan, and part of the Triennial Artist-in-Residency programme, aims to recreate a series of dining scenarios that take place in public and private spaces and how those vary amongst different cultures and peoples’ ages. It merges certain Portuguese dining traditions (spatially, socially and gastronomically) with those of the Japanese culture (cross referencing historical connections and the contemporary Japanese society; age, gender and social background).

Although it started just with a Table, through all the information gathered in the research process and that has been put together in this website/blog, it grew into a journey through food and dinning habits of both Japanese and Portuguese people. From morning to evening, from breakfast to dinner; at home, in a restaurant, at school, at the office, in the park… through the five senses, one should unravel the beauty of an enormous variety of flavours, the exquisite smells of certain delicacies and their incredible colours. Experiencing, Measuring, Seeing, Holding, Smelling and Tasting are actions one is invited to take when interacting with the artworks that take over Konya’s building.

Moments of reflection and observation have been compiled in [Dining Stories], a collection of narratives sent by various people and that became an integral part of the project, not only as a source of contents for the artworks, but as an artwork on its own right.

[Table for 100’s] embodies and delivers the process of design and making in a festive and participative way and culminates in the form of an object as well as on a temporary event, the dining ceremony with several small dishes (the individual artworks) that choreograph all the moments and research that have been developed throughout the process as a way of appropriating and taking ownership of misused spaces.

The Table itself registers the differences in heights when dining, the way food is served or cooked, the way people eat (in a social shared event or on one’s own), how people seat (or stand), how cross conversations are generated, how children and adults have a different presence when sitting at a table, how people interact or how they might be protective of their own space and time when dining.

[Table for 100’s] works as a narrative of experiences (personal and collective), as a piece designed and built with and for those who will use, enjoy and help maintaining it.

「100人の食卓」プロジェクトは、様々な年齢層や文化的背景を持つ人が一緒に食事するためのテーブルを考えるプロジェクトです。ポルトガル人アーティス ト ルイーザ・アルパリョンが「食」に関する様々なリサーチをここ福岡で行い、その結果や体験した「食」の場面、こどもたちとのワークショップを通じて、 「100人で一緒に食事をするためのテーブル」を創り出す試みです。

テー ブルのデザインを考える上では、食事をとる高さ(床座りかイス座りか)、食事の提供のされ方や料理の仕方、どういった会話がされているか、子どもと大人が どうやって一緒に食事をとっているか、個々のパーソナルスペースが如何に干渉し合うかなど、様々なことを考える必要があります。


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