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Eventhough the essential ingredients might differ from one cuisine to the other, there are similarities in their typologies and the way they are used in the preparation of certain dishes. This chapter does not aim to present an incessant collection of Japanese and Portuguese recipes and ingredients as both cultures have an extremely rich regional diversity when it comes to food and it wouldn’t be possible to thoroughly document that in a period of three months. Instead, it presents a symbolic cultural connection between Lisbon and Fukuoka, the two linking cities of [Table for 100’s].

A list of essential ingredients and regional recipes will be explored throughout the development of the project by interviewing 10 different local people in Fukuoka and in Lisbon who will tell us what they consider to be the essential ingredients of their country’s cuisine and examples of 3 different typical dishes from Lisbon and from Fukuoka, as well as how they are prepared.

essential Japanese Ingredients

essential Portuguese Ingredients

Fukuoka’s Traditional Recipes

Lisbon’s Traditional Recipes

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