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w 1.3    | 16.10 |
| ExhibiTable | curating a day around the theme ‘food’

with the participation of … | eishun (Konya2023), yukako (Konya2023) |
and …| yōsuke . keiichiro . haruki |

|| Programme : description ||
intro > Introducing each other. Self-portrait drawings of each child and description of name, age.

This workshop will focus on people’s everyday eating habits. We have measured the table on the 1st workshop, then we filled it with delicious food and we are now ready to enjoy it, to experience it. So, in this workshop we will make pop up scenarios around ‘food’ of a typical weekday and a typical weekend.

1> Each child will be given 9 pieces of paper of 3 different sizes. They will have to draw their favourite, so so and least favourite:

: food
: place where you eat (ex. kitchen, living room, school, park)
: people you eat with (ex. parents, friends, grandparents)

We will the create a diagram of hierarchies with all the children’s drawings. These topics represent the 3 layers of our pop up settings: scenario (place), actors (people), goods (food).

—- we will watch some short stop frame animations to give inspiration for the following tasks —-
2> The group will then be split into 2:
: weekdays and weekends :
2.1> Each group will have to make 3 stages that should fit inside shoe boxes. The scenarios are:
– a day around breakfast time
– a day at lunch time
– a day at dinner time

Each child will have to cut out and draw with felt pens and crayons the scenarios (place + furniture), people and food that illustrate those moments in the day having in mind they will be animated at the end.
3> At this stage we should be almost ready to start animating. The characters and objects will be attached to sticks so that the animation can start.

3.1> We will rehearse the storylines so we can then photograph the sequences that form a complete day.

Ideally the children should elements in the drawings that help representing the different times of the day (such as clocks, the sun/moon, etc)… the more detail, the more interesting the animations will become. The focus is ‘food’, so that should be emphasized when explaining the tasks.

3.2> We will create two stop motion animations: weekdays and weekends.

3.3> The result of the stop frame animation should become an integral part of the project [Table for 100’s].

i* drawings of food, people and places…

i** preparing the scenarios

i*** tea break

The team was small in number of children, but productive in the amount of work done. Some of the boys had attended the first workshop and proudly told me they used the table they made in the gallery at home to have supper.

It wasn’t easy to make the children distinguish the difference in habits between weekdays and weekends, but some of the drawings they made and the scenarios for the different meals were good examples of their favourite places to have dinner, favourite food and the people they enjoy having meals with. I learned that onigiri is a usual breakfast treat and that the children mostly like eating out with their parents, both in Japanese and western style restaurants.

As an example of breakfast one of the children represented his living room where he seats on a rug and has breakfast on a low table. For lunch, they went to a ramen restaurant with the family, and for dinner to a yakitori place where they seat around a normal height table with their family.

At the end we managed to put together a small animation that represented the different meals, not necessarily as they have them normally, but their favourite environments to have a meal. These will be represented in different exhibition pieces of [Table for 100’s].

i***** action

i****** ごちそうさまでした

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