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Certain locations/contexts of dining scenarios lead to a list of typologies that have specific physical, atmospheric and social characteristics and that will affect the juxtaposition of environments represented throughout [Table for 100’s].

The chosen typologies are:
> at home in a family environment
> at home on one’s own
> at home with friends (dinner party)
> in the backyard
> in the allotment

> in a local restaurant
> in a formal restaurant
> in an informal restaurant (pub-like)
> in a typical restaurant

> in a café
> outside the café, but with café food

> in the park
> at the beach
> on a street bench

> by a food stall
> by a kiosk
> by an ice-cream van

> by a vending machine
> on the train

> a picnic
> on the street (ad-hoc appropriation of public space)

The slight differences between these typologies will be annotated and comparisons will be drawn between those parallel environments in Japan and Portugal.


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