| fieldwork || observations || week 1 ||

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|| observations || week 1 ||

:: Yatai 屋台 ::
070911 | Fukuoka 福岡

Before coming to Fukuoka I had already been told how famous the city was for its exquisite food culture and mostly for the ubiquitous Yatai  屋台 one would find in almost every other street.

Yatai  屋台 (‘shop stands’) are food stalls the size of a small caravan. They often have a permanent address in the streets of Japanese towns, regardless of their nomadic look, but are only opened in the evening. They are famous for selling ramen noodles ラーメン (Chinese style wheat noodles typical from Fukuoka Perfecture) in a pork bone based soup 豚骨 (tonkotsu), yakitori やきとり(grilled chicken stews) and oden おでん (hot pot).

What stroke me the most when I first saw Yatai’s in Fukuoka was not only the vast number of these stalls spread around town, but the mixture of people that would get together in the same Yatai. From businessman to students, families, locals and foreigners, everyone would share the same table.

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